Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 10 -- Arrival to Limay / San Juan de Limay

Already mixed feelings. We just traveled back in time. Limay is much different than Esteli, more quiet, peaceful. More religious, conservative. We have to be more modest in dress in this town, Maria says, because the men cat call way more. The bus to Limay was suggestive of how different this place would be — a school bus packed with people. There were a few men who were riding the top of the bus because there was no room and also probably to make sure luggage stays put throughout the whole commute. I didn’t get to view much of the scenery on the way there because it was so packed, but we did see mountains and luscious rolling hills. The closer we got to the town, the more fat women made from marmolina we saw. The more I sensed the change in the way I was perceived, the more withdrawn I found myself becoming. Withdrawn and nervous. Life out here is way more raw. Definitely a culture shock, a change. Being introduced to new people this evening definitely made it somewhat apparent. Perhaps I’m being sensitive. We had a homemade dinner at Doña Nidia’s home. The food was amazing, but I feel tired and shy. I’m adjusting to these new surroundings. Emma asked me if I had trouble with new environments. I guess I do. Plus I don’t know how prepared I feel for this workshop I need to teach since there are no supply stores around here. this is the definition of a small town. The people are what make me nervous. I didn’t even want to interact with the animals. Interesting duality of conservation and taboo shit. Interesting how the most religiously devout places tend to have the most vices. I was sharing this thought with Aleks after our dinner meal. He brought up the interesting thought of when there is repression of some thing that is considered “demonic”, it shows up elsewhere in more sneaky, subtle ways. I think of catcalling when he says that. There was a little boy named Herty who for a moment showed Emma an adult cartoon video he was watching on a smartphone, most likely the only smartphone in the house. I’m being forced out of my comfort zone and it’s making me realize many things that make me look so foreign, como una extranjera. What I don’t like is all the staring, it makes me uncomfortable. The sounds out here are beautiful and perfect. We are sleeping outside tonight on tijeras until we meet with our host family tomorrow. Until tomorrow…this place is going to make me write a lot. 

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