Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 4 -- Estelí, Managua, Mark Lester Lecture

Arrived in Estelí today. We rode the bus there. 

Clowning: a type of street performance done by Nicaraguan youth on buses (and streets maybe) for money. Two boys in makeup did it for some of our ride and they were so good, they had a strong presence. They recited their lines so quickly, almost too quickly for me to understand [at the time].

Prior to that we visited the Center for Global Education for a lecture on the history of Nicaragua by scholar Mark Lester. Very informative lecture. We are in the mountains  and it is so beautiful up here, the climate especially. The view on the way here was amazing. I tried reading but failed with the view of the rolling hills and rustic countryside out my window. In the evening we have tacos at a local spot and played free form version of pool. They were playing 80s music and the billiards room was full of testosterone.

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