Friday, August 7, 2015

Had an amazing day. This week has been very magical and spiritual ~ (the whole trip has been- but we are at a point where we are so connected. Ira, Emma, Carrie, and I are growing so much and I love them so so soso so sosososososooo much from day 1 but now it's like, I have interwoven with them in a way that is forever.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that granted me the chance to come here. I am thankful that Maria Gabriela organized and invited us here. Everything happens for a reason, the universe is driving us. It is really special to be four women on a journey together because though this is a moment in our own individual spiritual paths, we are very powerful and being around three magical vibrant and very unique women is incredibly powerful.

Last night I struggled to explain my independent project, but I very solidly know that it is an amorphous and indefinite creature extending from myself.
     I am here as my AUTHENTIC SELF and I am learning so much.

Today we went to the nature reserve this morning. I felt immediately refreshed. Being in plants and bamboo meditating and walking barefoot among the tropical plant and animal life is so natural. It brings me closer in tune to the frequency of peace and love that I try always to radiate. We ate breakfast which was delicious bread and brie and cucumber and tomato, and yogurt with honey. We rode on the bed of a truck to this mountain which was INSANE. So vast and grand and mountains and rainforest and cows everywhere rocks. I flew around and sprinted down hills and we ate fruits. We got to the house beyond these fences of triangles that stood black against a blue sky and mountains and trees and lush fields of green tropical grass. This world is so fertile and magnificent. We are in paradise. We got to this house and a woman came out and greeted us with kisses and loving eyes. Two pink piggies perfectly played, though we pined for their freedom from the shit covered cage that confined their soft bodies and forced them to grow to the size of man's dinner and a shit covered trough.
Soon an old man withered with work came out of his house and abounded with quirk and his hair was white and flew from his face in a fluffy explosion that exuded gentle grace. He gave us a notepad, requested our names, invited us to take fruits from the graves of great giants he showed how he worked he had dreamed that god told his human form to carve stone. He shared many poems and abounded with light he was godly and glorious and humble and sleight. We walked through the forest a tropical tome of love and abundance it was his natural home. There were pineapples growing from bushes in the ground he would reach and grab a couple to pass around there were banana trees teeming with fruit, 30 feet high, red and black, silky vortex .
    We climbed this mountain with carved stone murals and beings . I can't explain how incredible it was it was very very very sacred and magical n we sat out on this mountain of carved stone on a mountain side and saw the world. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MAGIC INSIDE OF ME AND I AM IN LOVE WITH NICARAGUA.

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