Thursday, August 6, 2015

Root Chakra

At the end of our stay in Limay I got really sick. The day before last, I wasn't feeling excellent but we went to the river and I wanted to go. On the walk there I vomited and diarrhead. At the river I was okay and had fun climbing rocks and talking to Mario and eating cucumbers and splashing around, but I started to feel sick again. We went to the ceramic women's studio to pick up our beads and I made a bracelet which I gave to Ken and a necklace which afterwards became a gift to Rosa. I walked home earlier than some others because it was taking a long time and I was feeling really sick. We went to Dona Nedia's but I couldn't eat. She gave me a lemon juice and salt elixir which maybe helped. I got home and Idalia was suffering from dolor in her head. We were sick together and Rosa took care of us... Sweet goddess. I played a little with Juliana who I love so so so sosososososososo much. They gave me some medicines and stuff but I felt bad. I had a fever at points and was really sick. I fell asleep for a while but was woken up by Rosa and she told me I was very hot and she looked really concerned and tried to feed me. I was very dehydrated feeling and hadn't eaten all day and had just woken up so I was a little disoriented and Rosa and Idalia speak very fast spanish so I never really understood them anyway but I was especially slow at this time. They try to feed me plantain chips which are covered in salt and I had a large canker sore in my mouth so it really hurt to eat these and I was thirsty with limited water so that was challenging and I didn't want to eat the chips. I asked if there was a tortilla so I ate two tortillas but as this is happening Rosa and Idalia are very concerned and start asking about hospitals and my fever and if I need a hospital and I'm like uhhhhh I can't understand no entiendo blah but so sick. At this point I'm like, hey I need Maria because I can't even talk to a doctor if I get there. They tell me Maria is at Oscar's so Juliana and Idalia start walking me and I'm dizzy and delirious. We get to Oscar's and I see Carrie and I'm like hello I need Maria. I walk to the back and there is our whole group and their host parents and Noel and Willford and Klifford and Mariela and Fabiola and Wilfredo etc etc. I sit in a seat and am just like okay. 
The next morning I'm fed some constipators and put on a bus where thankfully I fall asleep for the duration of the ride. When in Estelli, I go to see a doctor. He tells me I'm dehydrated and orders for a blood and poop test. I am constipated and cannot poop, but I stick my vain out for the lady and have the quickest easiest most painless blood sample retrieval withdrawal of my life. It's ready in like ten minutes but I pay and return the next day. I bring my caca and the results are ready in twenty minutes. I have no parasites but an abundance of bacteria swarms my system. Ugh. I start taking some meds.

At this time we are familiarizing ourselves with some Spiritual Skaters in the city. Emma meets an amazing and mystical man named Techi and through him a crew of love. I am feeling better in a day and join her at the skate palace. I karaoke with them and ride crosslegged on the front of a board while we zip through the city. 
The next day though, I go to Cafe Luz with Techi, Emma, and a Californian Mexican boarder named Jordan. We start talking about Holistic medicine and he teaches me that it is just changing your frequencies to attract certain things you need to get more balanced. Ohhhh makes sense!!!!! He asks if I've been sick recently/when the last time I was sick was because it's all just related to your chakras and energy and I tell him about my upset tummy. He says that's my root chakra. I realize he is very right. (I'm pretty sure this is after the gallery show which was fine but left me feeling very very crazy and energetic and I had to leave in the end because I was so whoaooooaoooooooo crazyyyyyyyy)

The next day, our final night in Estelli, I go to Cafe Luz with Emma, Techi, Eduard, Mario, Jordan, and Ira. Emma and Eduard go do art elsewhere while I sit with the rest. Earlier that day I'd asked Carrie, Ira, and Emma to perform reiki on my stomach and root chakra. As I'm sitting there in Cafe Luz, I see a woman performing reiki on a man's head at the table next to us. I leave for a bit to see Emma and Eduard and when I come back the man and woman are sitting at our table with us and more people who had joined. I sit at the empty seat which is next to the man and woman. We are talking, they are Sandra and Jean-Pierre and they are from Ireland and Belgium and they have a farm in Nicaragua. She looks at me and says that my root chakra is troubled. She tells me all my energy is up here, and indicates my crown and third eye chakras (which makes sense that is why I'd been airy and floaty and wowowoowowooooooo). She says "You need to be grounded, it's all in the feet. Your energy is all up here which can be dangerous, you need protection when you're like this. The city makes you crazy. You need to be in nature. Dance barefoot in blue fields. " She then rubs my feet and gives them energy healing for a long time. She tells me I'm a healer and that I'll come back and live at their farm one day and I'll be doing her feet. She says I need to wake up for sunrise and do dirt-dances by sticking my fingers in the dirt. They teach me about how the Romans created the deserts of North Africa with their farming and she says we can't heal the earth but we can stop the deserts. She tells me it may seem boring but I need to work on my root chakra for the next few years. Like a musician practicing a single note I need to practice this rooting. 

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