Sunday, July 29, 2012

¡Que tuani!

...says Tyrone.

It's the small phrases like that that you really need the most. An "Adios" to a man riding by on a horse or a "Buenos Dias" on your way to sculpt marmolina in the morning. As many "Gracias"s  as you can give to your host family, and a "¿Puedo Ayudarle?" every now and then as well. After having spent a while here, I feel like I've gotten decent at piecing phrases together (considering I knew no Spanish beforehand). 

I can't discuss any complicated subject in depth, but now I can talk with my host family about what I've done during the day, ask about the different characters in the novellas they watch, and translate some of the lyrics in their English music from the U.S. for them (some of it they're better off not understanding).  They've listened to it for a while before I got here, y solamente para el ritmo. Funnily enough, I've done the same with the Spanish music I've had on my computer. We've at least got that and a handful of Spanish vocabulary words in common. Que tuani.

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